Tam Trong Trong (Direct Questions) with Jomkwan

A Thai news anchor recently questioned a high-ranking DSI official on the Thairath TV show, "Tam Trong Trong (Direct Questions) with Jomkwan", which aired on May 18th, 2016, at 7pm UTC. This exchange was in regard to Wat Phra Dhammakaya's request for DSI to send a physician to examine and verify that the Abbot was truly ill and therefore unable to travel to DSI HQ to hear the charges against him. 

Video with English subtitles:



"Tam Trong Trong (Direct Questions) with Jomkwan" Interview Transcript

Jomkwan: Deputy Director, looking at this from the perspective of the [temple] supporters, they would say they've tried to explain, tried to invite officials to verify that the abbot cannot travel. They even want a panel of doctors or a third party to come and verify that the abbot truly cannot travel.

Can this still happen prior to the 26th?

Because it should be the final step before deciding if DSI is going to make the arrest at the temple or not.

Police Lieutenant General Somboon Sarasit, DSI Deputy Director: At this moment, that option has passed. That step would have take place prior to the approval of the arrest warrant. The court has already issued the arrest warrant.

Jomkuan: Yes

Police Lieutenant General Somboon Sarasit, DSI Deputy Director: There has to be a suspect, to be frank.

Jomkuan: Let me backtrack a little. I apologize, but I have to ask, "So, before the arrest warrant was issued, why wasn't a physician or a third party sent to verify that he was ailing and genuinely unable to travel as they have stated?"

Police Lieutenant General Somboon Sarasit, DSI Deputy Director: Uhhh...I wish to decline from answering. As I said, we have already passed that juncture.