DSI Seeks Arrest Warrant: A Lawyer's Perspective

By Patrick Chan

1. Why did DSI choose to release a written statement instead of an announcement via live press conference? This is highly unusual for a high profile case being followed closely by the public, particularly, when reporters from most of the Thai media outlets had been on standby outside of DSI headquarters for most of the day.

2. Why is DSI so eager to expedite the process when the accused (Luang Por Dhammajayo) is not a flight risk. In fact, if the postponement request is due to genuine health issues or legitimate circumstances, he should be granted the request.

If DSI didn't find the medical certificate submitted by the lawyer to be credible, due process dictates they appoint a physician to examine him at the temple. If upon examination it is found that he is not ailing in accordance with the medical certificate, a request for an arrest warrant could be made.

In sum, DSI curtailed due process and reached a conclusion without expert medical opinion. It is this decision, amongst numerous others, which makes DSI appear biased against the abbot.